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5 definitions by Hardcore

fit "2" fuck

(fit to fuck)
That girl really f2f !!!!
by Hardcore March 06, 2005
Methamphetamine Hydrochloride!
The whole wide human race has taken far too much Methedrine!
by Hardcore May 28, 2003
When a loser goes to a Stampede or a Rodeo, especially in Calgary Alberta, and he wears the worst Wranglers with a silk shirt and a big huge belt buckle. He likes to act new and hip with his cowboyah outfit, but he is just a regular old beardo.
Eh Ray... Cowboyah..
by Hardcore December 16, 2004
An area within the cervix. When the vagina is penetrated and the individual doing the penetrated has a penis of larger stature, you may pass into this area. This hurts the female more than childbirth.
Ouch! You just thrusted into my isolated location. That Fucking Hurt.
by HardCore November 26, 2013
To be all talk and no action
He bragged some much that when he didnt come out we knew he was an ocallaghan
by Hardcore September 08, 2003