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To do something completely unnecessary yet totally awesome, even if it's a bit more difficult than the alternative..
I didn't need to escape the enemy base on a rocket while it exploded in the background. One of the numerous cars would have worked fine. But at some point we all must choose between what is right and what is awesome. At some point we all must choose to steal an attack walrus.
by Haragorn August 22, 2009
A race between men in dresses and heels. The actual length of the race can vary, but the racers tend to be very slow.
I went to see the drag race the other day. It was not what I expected.
by Haragorn April 25, 2011
A drug involving cynicism and pirates.
Arrrr!-cynic, while potentially lethal, makes for some fun times.
by Haragorn August 28, 2010
A girl's breasts.
Rob grabbed Tori's cupcakes. "Oh, Tori, I love your cupcakes! They're so soft and smooth! They're the biggest cupcakes I've ever seen! I just wanna lick all over them... After taking off any covering, of course. If you want, I can put some icing on them..."
by Haragorn April 06, 2009
To go to extreme measures after being thoroughly frustrated, in a way that will not actually help the situation.
William spent three months trying to beat I Wanna Be The Guy. After dieing every time in the same place for a solid month, he was so fed up that he smashed his keyboard into pieces and threw his computer out the window. This is what it means to shoot a pickle jar into space.
by Haragorn February 22, 2010
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