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4 definitions by Halit

When something has gone wrong, is very bad or most disagreeable.
"I got caught with the vicar's wife again Alex."
"Oh Boo Hiss."

"I have Aids."
"That is mucho Boo Hiss!"

"And United have scored!!"
"Boo!!!! Hiss!!!!"
by Halit May 04, 2006
147 44
The act of defecation, where the person has been waiting for a long time and the result is an inordinately large and powerful session on the crapper. It could possibly break the bowl.
"Jeez Jonny. I just took a thunderdump. They'll hear that in china."

"That thunderdump ruptured something inside I tell ya mate."
by Halit November 05, 2007
13 2
A women, who from behind appears to have the hot body of a 16 year old, but when seen from the front has a face of a 64 year old. Derived from the famous beer 'Kronenberg 1664'.
"I was stood at the bus stop mate, and I saw a proper Kronenbird stood there."


by Halit November 23, 2006
13 2
The act of knowing you are so drunk you can't make it to the toilet but trying anyway...

Pisshead #1 - "Where are you going? You can hardly walk."

Pisshead #2 - I'm goish to ze toilletsh."

Pisshead #1 - "Dude, that's Mission Impissable."

Pisshead #2 - "Ghhahrasdkjshshs."
by Halit March 06, 2009
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