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3 definitions by HOTTNESS

capital of hippie-land, home of speed humps (not to be confused with speed bumps) and lots of drunkenneess atop christian schools deep in the night. also home of the squirrel lady and that guy who walks around swinging a dead fox.
l: dude, let's break into jna
j: and steal a fireextinguisher
l: lets get drunk first
e: and high
l: whoohooo
j: i hate war!
e: free love!
l: i love animals, give them rights!
by hottness January 12, 2004
The act of having sexual intercourse.
Matt came over last nite and we were sexin all over the place!
by HOTTNESS February 02, 2003
to munch the cock
Damn, that bitch is one good cock muncher!
by HOTTNESS February 02, 2003