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The act of having sexual intercourse.
Matt came over last nite and we were sexin all over the place!
by HOTTNESS February 02, 2003
(v.)- perfoming a sexual act on someone; someone's ability to have sex with someone a lot.
"He's still sexing that chick?"
by kmartttttttttt April 26, 2007
verb. the act of displaying ones charimatic charm to the point where all stop and stare in awe. The ladies are left drooling with pools in there panties!
The sun shines out your asshole when you are sexing it up in vegas.
by Schedlos February 15, 2005
when u get it on with someone.with your pants down.
guy:ready for some sexings?
girl:what's that?
guy:*whispers in to her ear*
girl:really?ok then.
*both walk into bedroom*
*girl comes out covered in white stuff*
girl:I had some sexings!
by Natwolf May 10, 2009
Recieving of sex, or other sexual favors.
I got me some sexings at Kaniacs house.
by chris March 09, 2005
A word used by See Bee Dubya to indicate sexual activity.
Are you gonna go get sexings?
by Derrick Mackey March 09, 2005
to sex
I sex, you sex, he, she, we sex.... sexing
by Max & Sammi November 18, 2008
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