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To open up an agressive exchange of cusses, slander and secret spilling etc.. on a person who has peeved you off in real life - via the medium of a message board.

Posted: May 18, 2005 11:57 AM

No strings sex is just peachy.
Lying about stuff to get it makes:
A) you a cunt
B) you unnecessarily stupid
C) friends who once liked you no longer give a fuck about your existence.

In order to make this clear i must add i was temporarily in favour of changes this group to 'matt's a cunt'
then i realised that that would only increase his already large sense of self importance.
so instead i leave in on the wise words of frankie and say 'you sex was whack...'

Have a nice day people.
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
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