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Noun Derived from Yahoo.
Ahhh my friend did a project and instead of saying Yahoo he said Yihee so he would not be copiwritten sued.
by HaVoC December 12, 2004
A military punishment where the punished must dig a hole in the ground large enough to stand in, and then must guard the hole by standing in the hole and covering self and hole with a large wooden box.
"Mike, that's it, your on BOX HOLE DUTY!" ~Gen. Havoc
by Havoc October 26, 2004
It means "wrong".
See wroob
"That's wr00b on so many levels."
"Wr00b answer!"
by Havoc August 09, 2004
The new wave of musicians who grew up listening to 70's and 80's metal. The new metal bands have thir roots in old metal but use other techniques to produce a new sound. for example many nu metal bands use sampling, rap-like lyrics,low pitch, the list goes on and its diffrent for each nu metal band.

Nu metal had sucess in the late 90's (even thought it existed as early as 1991) but now people have turned on nu metal and it has fallen out of favor.

Many fans of the old metal cant accept the evolution of their genre. People also dont like nu metal because it was used as just another fad and once a fad is over everyone hates it.

But nu metal lives on. Thier are only th loyalest fans left and we wont stop listening to what we like to listen to because you dont like it.
their are many nu metal bands but the best and most popular are: Korn, slipknot,Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., System of a Down, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Powerman 5000, Rage Aginst the Machine, and Godsmack. (yes Godsmack they aren't old metal). Their are many more.
by Havoc March 12, 2005
n.,pn. 1. A member of the Red Army. 2. A Red Army member so retarted that calling him a retard offends retards everywhere.
"Grif, you Redtard!" ~Sarge
by Havoc October 26, 2004
public online computer game
Hey, i know this pub with really good people we should play there.
by havoc June 27, 2003
The God Of All Things Scarred is Odie!
by HaVoC July 31, 2004

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