Top Definition
To have surprise sex with someone's face.
Janet: "Hey jane, what did you do last night?"
Jane: "Well, I was walking through the kitchen when bob jumped out and sex0red my face!"
Janet: "Oh my god!.......0WNED!"
by Gxp September 06, 2003
1 Word related to sex0r your face
sex0r - from latin, meaning "To make love to something with great intensity in a frenzied manner"
AAH! Why is that monkey Sex0ring the other monkey's face?

because they speak latin.
by WuFFles_II September 03, 2004
Hmm, To spl00ge over a girl. or one act of cumming over a sexy pic of gxp.
After sexorizin his face. I burned my dick off with a hot, dull knife.
by PhatPimp December 13, 2003

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