10 definitions by Gruzzo

Generic name for a scrawny grotesque woman who works in a coffee bar but has no idea how to actually make coffee. The only thing she is good at is short-changing Spaniards.
Fetch me a latte. If Mrs Mop's serving, forget it. That gormless bitch wouldn't know a coffee if it jumped out the cup and fucked her shitty old arse.
by Gruzzo October 18, 2006
A ginger-haired retard who joins a cult and donates all his wages to The Leader. GCBs are phenomenal dancers and have been known to imitate Cossack dancers on acid.
See that fella dancing like a Russian moron? He's a Ginger Cult Boy.
by Gruzzo August 23, 2006
A ginger-haired physics student who gets arrested for kicking cars outside night clubs.
"Look at that Boski kicking cars. He's gonna get himself arrested and you know what they do to gingers in the cells."
by gruzzo July 11, 2006

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