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To have sexual intercourse with a woman resulting in the penis smelling like a can of tuna.
Where's Stan?
He left with that chick to get some stank on his hang-low
by Grouch April 19, 2004
An affectionate name for the girlfriend of a man who masturbates a lot. (hint: his hand is his girlfriend.)
The only action Carl gets is from Rosy Palmer and her five sisters.
by Grouch April 20, 2004
A slang term used to describe the handiwork of a novice joint roller. The finished joint is fat in the middle and skinny on the ends resembling a pregnant woman.
Man, next time let Daniel roll the J. All you ever roll is pregnant bitches and they burn all funny.
by Grouch April 20, 2004
To perform oral sex on a woman while she is on her period.
Baby, I love you so much that for our anniversary, I'm gonna go swimming in the Red Sea.
by Grouch April 20, 2004
Slang term for vagina. Specifically the clitoris.
I went to town on that little man in his pink boat.
by Grouch April 19, 2004
A slang term for a big fat blunt or joint.
Damn dude, there's just two of us and you rolled a boar's leg. I hope we can finish it. (wink wink)
by Grouch April 20, 2004
Big feet
Shaq has a pair of Marmadukes
by Grouch April 19, 2004

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