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A mix of skateboardings grinds and snowboardings huge airs and flips. Insane new sport thats gonna take the world by surprise! hehehe.....
Back flip to 50-50 grind (street course of the World Streetboarding Championships 2003)
rodeo 900...
misty 720...
1080 degree spins!
too many sick ass tricks to name....
by Grom September 25, 2003
A walking waste of skin who excels only in making me and society feel violently ill and disgusted at the mere sight of one and who's only purpose in this world is to make me hate it even more.

Nuff Said.
Townie: Fuckin' dotty gweb
Me: Fuck you.
Townie: You bein' fuckin cheekeh?
Me: Yes, now go away.
Me: Not really no.
*Scum hits me*
*I hit Scum back*
Townie: What da fuuuuuuck
*Scum runs off like a disabled monkey, probably to go crying to his 'Big Brufa' or his 'Cru'*

by Grom July 23, 2004
Varleys Law of User Satisfaction simply states that the level of approbation you will receive for any IT work that you undertake is inversely proportional to the level of effort you put into it.
If you spend months working on a complex project and iron out all bugs - you'll get no more than a pat on the back.
On the other hand, knock a quick one off using a simple script and users will bow down before your awesomeness.
Roger had spent half his life perfecting the program and it was now complete, despite the breakup of two marriages, recurring alcoholism, a serious bout of OCD relating to the backslash key and a pathalogical fear of daylight but typical of Varley's Law, all his boss wanted to talk about was how cool the version of Minesweeper that Roger had made in Excel on his lunchbreak was.
by grom March 02, 2009
Obstufuscation is a mis-spelling of Obfuscation ( meaning obscured - usually in reference to code ). Used only by cretins who like having a certain level of schaudenfraude heaped upon them by obscuring the obscure.
Or something.
grom totally obstufuscated the meaning of this sentence in a piss-poor attempt to sound clever
by grom April 16, 2005

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