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Streetboarding, formerly known as snakeboarding, is a relatively new extreme sport which combines the elements of snowboarding, surfing & skateboarding into the one motion.

The streetboard is made up of 3 main sections; the crossbar, with a pivoting footplate at both ends.
The rider stands with one foot on each footplate, and uses a combination of their upper-body and the turning of their feet to gain momentum and propell themselves in any direction they desire.

Streetboarders are able to perform a wide variety of tricks, from spins & grinds, to flips and airs. The possibilities are endless.
To see more information about the sport of streetboarding, and to see photos of the boards & riders in action - Visit:
by Streetboarding October 08, 2008
What you do when there is no available ski hill near you. A term strictly for snowboarders. Especially relevant after a snow storm. Must have hilly street avenues near your place in order to be completely effective. (Preferably no cars, please!)
Chick: Hey dude? Wanna go street boarding?
Dude: Sure. There's a sick load of snow on the streets.
by sporty_chick720 January 19, 2011
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