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Insane. Silly. Confused
She's a dotty lady - Meaning she gets confused easily
by Andrewm1986 December 31, 2005
A person that always lookes their best. A person that people always want to be around and chill with.
Shybaby and Blanka are dotty, they always look fine and are fun to chill with.
by Shy-Towns Finest September 19, 2007
It means Shotgun and is most commonly used by gang members in the UK.
I'm armed with a dotty
by GhandisToeNail December 11, 2015
A racial slur for an Indian person.
Dotty! You left skid marks!
by Don Was February 28, 2004
A knickname for Dorchester, a section of Boston
"Dude, me, Sully, and Fitzy were down at the Bickfahds in the middle of Dotty, after just getting back from our buddy's apahtment in Southie and we were fahkin' wasted! Why? 'cuz we're from fahkin' Boston!"
by John November 08, 2004
To cut to the chase, to give as good as you get, to flame underlings and plebs.
He was such a twat I had to do a Dotty on him!
by erm......Heidinabucket. March 09, 2003
"Lake" (Nonantum, MA) expression of exclamation or magnification of associated emotion. Used with mandy-cai* or dicky-cai* for emphasis of a point.

* See mandy-cai and dicky-cai
Mandy-cai dotty, that's a big boat! Dicky-cai dotty, this is a dangerous neighborhood...
by LaroldC December 04, 2008
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