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A LARP (Live-action RolePlaying Game)/sport utilizing safely foam padded weapons to simulate midieval/fantasy melee combat and magic use. Originated in Texas and has since spread throughout the U.S. and other continents.
"Is that a gang fight in the park?"
"No, that's foam, not baseball bats. That's the local Amtgard group"
by Groan April 18, 2004
Acronym for "Goes like a train" to describe a woman who exudes an aura of inventive and enthusiastic sexuality.
"She's got glat - I bet she is fantastic in bed"
by Groan December 21, 2003
a viscous, fluid substance, usually disgusting in nature. refers in particular to large quantities, as used in typical horror films.
the possessed little kid opens her mouth, and SCHMAG! Lookit all the schmag!
by Groan February 01, 2004
when one nees a meaningless generic word for anything in particular tha requires a noun, one can use 'poopshingle'
"hey, what's the password we're supposed to give at the crossroads?"

"the password is, 'poopshingle'".

"what do you think is going on here?"

by Groan February 08, 2004
a moron, doofus. someone acting as such.
so she says, "what's a nip tin can?" so I said, "You are!"
by Groan February 01, 2004
1:) a generic exclamation to address the approach of another.

2:) one who is silly or meaningless; a doofus. commonly used with friends or friendly aquaintances.
Hey, Foobie!
by Groan February 08, 2004
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