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Foobie, a compound word made up of fake, and boobies. To describe not only those wondrous silicon orbs that seem to abound everywhere these days, but any variety of artificially enhanced hooters.
"Duuude...check out those boobies." " foobies."
by Mr. Zarwid June 12, 2006
A legendary dog. Black with white spots. Of springer spaniel and pointer heritage. Known to possess immobilizing cuteness.
What? Oh, the snoring is coming from my dog Foobie.
by The King of Dreams November 02, 2008
The sac like growth behind the nipple area of an over weight man.
Fat Albert has foobies...he needs a "bro" not a bra!
by SAT_on the couch January 29, 2009
1:) a generic exclamation to address the approach of another.

2:) one who is silly or meaningless; a doofus. commonly used with friends or friendly aquaintances.
Hey, Foobie!
by Groan February 08, 2004
Random tufts of fuzz generally found
on a favorite article of clothing.
How did my sweater get all these foobies?
by Ana Ng November 20, 2003
a fat doobie made with a minimum of 3 papes.
There were so many of us, i needed enough to roll a foobie.
by Bruce Anderson May 14, 2005
Old California slang for "fresh off the boat". Used to refer to recent Asian immigrants with a strong accent. A term primarily used by young people referring to other young people.
"My God, Jun think she's all that but she's totally foobie! Just listen to her!"
by cgrn September 03, 2005
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