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Very Fat Bald Guy
Someone who goes creeping after women with little success. A complete twat who will ruin any event.

Thinks that he is witty, when he really isn't. Likely to be a Sci-Fi freak too.
by gremlin November 18, 2003
A very tall type of grass that grows on the plains of the Sahara. It is known to house chameleons and vampire bats.
"I found a chameleon hiding amongst some foograss this day."
by Gremlin January 08, 2004
A maker of mischief; me(for I am popularly known both on and off -line as GrEmLiN - note that I used the name before alt. caps became a n00bish thing)

An evil little creature which tends to radiate bad luck. (Me again)

Small green creature usually blamed for faults in electronic equipment, mainly airplanes.

Mischievous creatures appearing in the popular 80s films 'Gremlins' and 'Gremlins 2' - Two of my personal favorites.

NOTE: Gremlins were the creatures spawned from the Mogwai(Gizmo) - GIZMO WAS NOT A GREMLIN. Gizmo was a Mogwai, and Gremlins are formed(the process begins instantaniously) when a Mogwai comes in contact with water, or is fed after midnight.

A Gremlin was also a nice 2 door sedan but some refer to it as a hatchback, although the VIN coding system refers to it as a non-hatchback, made by American Motors Corp. (AMC) in the 70s. I have two myself.

http://www.gremlinx.com/ is a good reference site.

AMC also owned Jeep until 1988, when Chrysler bought them out for the Jeep name. AMC was formed in 1957 when Nash and Hudson merged.



"Gremlins are make-believe!" -Homer J. Simpson

Gremlins(the car) are usually hated upon for a "dorky" look, when reality they are very nice works of art.

Both the car and the creature Gremlins are pretty popular too. Used in many cartoons, movies, television commercials etc.
by GrEmLiN December 17, 2003
A Rugby Union fan.

A fairweather supporter
Likely to own a ten year old international replica shirt. Will never have been to a club game in his life.
by gremlin November 18, 2003
A SOCOM Player and Free Agent. 13 Year Old Male from PA. He owns all.
You were killed by Gremlin with an AKS-74
by Gremlin July 14, 2003
a mod is a person usually wears parkas and ride lambrettas and generally hang out with the rest of em
back in those days there would be the mods and rockers
i wanna be a mod!
by gremlin December 11, 2003
1 "rex" from latin and "ham" from saxon, the name means "King's Town"
2 In reality, the most dirtiest, deprived, ugliest, dangerous and nastiest places I have encountered on the planet (from over thirty countries). In North East Wales, one of the UK's most economically backward areas. Full of chavs, welfare scroungers, honest people desperate to leave, awful buildings and a very corrupt local council. Wrexham is an ideal place to breed BNP sympathy, as now they have moved hundreds of illegal immigrants there. Please, just bomb it. Flat. With napalm. Anthrax. Anything.
Try to think of ten good things about, or from, Wrexham....
No, neither could I.
by gremlin February 22, 2005

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