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a person (male or female) that plays the drums, thus being known as a drummer. Has the job of primerally keeping the time of a song. Top Drummers include: Tre Cool (Green Day) Keith Moon (The Who) Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

I myself am i drummer. Drummers are the best types of people.
person A: "dude that drummer is awesome
person B: "i know man, they should put drummers at the front of the stage instead of the back"
person A: "yes... now lets go push over ur grandmother"
by Greenday_AllDay January 10, 2006
technically meaning brother 'bretherin is used on the street between male friends
"sup my bretherin"
"yo bretherin"
by Greenday_AllDay January 10, 2006
A word meaning girl. Can be used to describe a female by either a male OR a female. Often used between gangsta's in social crowds.
1. "that chickita is fit"
2. "you keep talkin about this chickita"
by GreenDay_AllDay February 26, 2006
Name: Frank Edwin Wright III
Date of birth: December 9th, 1972
Place of birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Family: kids Ramona and Frankito
Band position: drummer, singer (wrote some songs.. keep reading)
Plays: drums, guitar, percussion, accordion, bongos, tambourine
Songs he has written: Dominated Love Slave, All By Myself, Food Around The Corner, D.U.I. (Driving Under The Influence), Rock and Roll Girlfriend (from Homecoming)
Other bands: The Lookouts, Samiam

is there a better drummer than frank edwin wright III? NO!
by Greenday_AllDay January 10, 2006
one of a greebonic nature is more than likely to be known as a greebo.a greebo being a person who listens to rock/punk/metal music and doesn't follow fashion trends.
They don't usually class themselves as being a greebo but are assigned that title by trendies/rudes. Some of them may look quite threatening but generally they are all around nice people and they resist starting fights or arguments with people who do follow trends.
person a: "john is of a greebonic nature"
person b: "shuttup u posh shit, lets go and push over my nan, coz we're wellar chavs init"
by Greenday_AllDay January 11, 2006
sistherin is the female version of the term 'bretherin', meaning friend or brother. Thus, as the feminine version, sistherin can be defined as to mean friend or sister.
"sistherin, let us go out and burn the men"

"hello my sistherin
by Greenday_AllDay January 11, 2006
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