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Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): schai·vo; schai·vo·ed;

1: To incapacitate someone.
2: To deprived of food and/or water.
1: Don't mess with me, dude. I'll schaivo you.
2: Pull over. I'm schavoed.
3: Dude, she's schaivoed.
by GreenMonter April 15, 2005
(v.) to vomit

This originates from the generally accepted fact that Terry Schaivo, the most popular vegetable since brussel sprouts, is believed to have gone into a coma as a result of complications from bolemia, which involves a substantial amount of puking.
This dude's had way too many shirley temples. I think he's gonna schaivo.

Or, for that matter, just about anything:

Lets go watch Hawaii Schai-vo
It's snowing like crazy, I better go schaivo the driveway.
Hold on man, after all that taco bell I gotta go take a schaivo.
Alice, I swear, one of these days, right in the schaivo!
Please add 5 dollars for schaivo and handling charges.
Alright I'm gonna head over to Shop 'n Schaivo and pick up some canned yams.
I'm going to go listen to some schavio and garfunkle songs.
Oh no man, stay away from here, her schaivo smells like the East River.
Now, Johnny, schaivo for the camera.
As your father probably told you, my name is Matt Foley, and I am a motivational schaivo.
So the other night I took my pedicurist to the movies and watched schaivo forty-nine.
Did you see the Boston Red Schaivos won again last night?
What the schaivo was that!
No schaivo tonight in my coffee, no schaivo tonight in my tea, no schaivo to stand beside me, no schaivo to run with me!
by Terry Terry May 02, 2005
v. to place someone in a permanent vegetative state.
"You really Schaivoed her didn't you?"
"Yeah, man, she's in an iron lung. When she opens her mouth, she wheezes 'La Vie En Rose'."
by Don Bito April 29, 2008
Taking it easy, relaxing. Food and drink optional.

Southeastern U.S. colloquialism.
We're kicking back tonight, schiavo style.
by Alexander Hamilton March 30, 2005

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