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Italian people use to say dio porco when they are particular angry!
Dio porco is similar to: dio cane, dio boia, dio merda, dio mirtillo, dio scacciacani e dio sparamerda
Dio porco lamer di merda!

Dio porco testa di cazzo!
by Greedo October 03, 2004
Underwater ejaculation
While swimming in the pool, James became excited and quirted violently.
by Greedo June 18, 2004
A little person; dwarf; midget; elf; etc.
After spying a dandypratt taking a power dump on his front lawn, Herman hit it with his newspaper.
by Greedo June 27, 2004
One of the many synonyms for feces.
Fearing that it was too large to flush, Hector left the toilet twinkie floating.
by Greedo June 27, 2004

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