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The Italian word for "shit".
"Basta con questa merda!"
Translation: Enough with this shit!
by JVisconti October 04, 2003
Portuguese word for "shit"
isto é uma merda = "this is shit"
by Serrano May 13, 2005
<Italian> Merda
<English> Shit
La merda = The shit
by Italian_Speaker_1989 April 26, 2004
F.C. Inter Milan
1: Did you see the game last night?
2: No, but I sure hope merda lost!
1: Yeah, Forza Juve!
2: Word!
by @bianconerifan March 07, 2011
Italian/Brazilian word for shit
Italian: par quella merda!
Brazilian: para com está merda!
Eng: stop this shit!
by Cybertron2 December 09, 2015
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