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Similar to epic fail, however a more monumental level of failure.
Kate: I walked into my door this morning, then into my roommate. Went to class, slipped on the ice, tripped getting off the bus. Got lunch and my pop exploded.

Jer: *glare*

Kate: I know, I know, fail!...

Jer: I wasn't going to say that...

Kate: What then?


by GrafixPenguin87 January 28, 2009
The description of something or someone being penguin-like.
1. Dude, this guy walks like a penguin.

2. Kyle: It's fucking freezing out here! Aren't you even cold?

Jer: It's okay, I'm like a penguin, I'm used to this sort of thing.

3. Claire, I think I'm going to write a book. It'll be the "Book of Penguinisms". Everything penguin, from the cute birds themselves, to the quirks about the people we hang around with.
by GrafixPenguin87 January 28, 2009
1. Quick sound of exasperation, or sigh at a situation that is stressful, or prolonged.

2. The honk is made by making a half grunt/half sigh type of sound.
1. Standing in a long line, such as at the supermarket, or bank.

2. Sitting in class, with 5 minutes left:
Professor: Does anyone have any questions before I let you go?

Student 1: Do we have any homework for this weekend?

Student 2: Honk!
by GrafixPenguin87 January 28, 2009

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