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Occurs when someone who has an iphone sees someone else with the same phone and almost immediatly gets all competitive and tries to see who has more applications,better songs,etc.

Can be very annoying and Stupid.
Joshua: U have an iphone?!??

Danielle: Ummmm yea...why?

Joshua: *snatches her phone out of her hand* HAHAHA u only have one page of apps!!!! And look at your songs...they totally suck!!!

Danielle: Dammit Joshua, this isn't an iCompetition....
by GoofyChick=3 February 12, 2009
A denial hint is when u are asked by someone of something that they heard of that is either embarrasing or straight up stupid and u playfully or sarcastically deny it to indirectly tell them without blurting it out in public.

1.When Demarcus asked me about the horrible incident between me and Jazmine at the party, i gave him a denial hint.

2. Kevin-Hey Courtney, i heard that you finally let Dre get some at that party last week

Courtney-*Smiling* ummm...no....what are you talking about Kevin???

Kevin-Ohhh ok....cool *Turns over to Greg* She was sooo giving me a denial hint

by GoofyChick=3 February 12, 2009

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