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A seventy one is a sixty nine with each others thumb up each others ass
Chad and Trent pulled a seventy one last night
by Goof April 10, 2005
Invented by the dreach man in the legends of Drance. They called him Wavy...not much else is known except HE invented IT.
Culerp, it's a fish.
by GOof September 08, 2004
When the layout, format, and commands of a software program are scattered, tedious, and very inconvenient to use...such that a user becomes incredibly annoyed and frustrated with it that they cannot think of a phrase to describe--this is THAT phrase. The opposite of User Friendly.
zOMG, I have to go to format --->paragraph ---> font----------->etc..... to make the text bold. What the FUQUA@$$(!???!!! This software is USER MEAN******
by Goof March 20, 2007
Name of a SLU hockey player who has a very big upper body and tiny little legs, and acts tough and badass to people all the time, but never actually got any playing time in games
Look at Holshouser, that strongbone is trying to drive a bus wasted!
by Goof February 26, 2004
An exploding bottom
Evacuate it's a nuclear gas explosion!
by Goof April 11, 2003
A dick wank who make a living out of shoving their face and drinking cow dihorrea
by Goof April 09, 2003
A dick wank who make a living out of shoving their face and drinking coe dihorrea
by Goof April 09, 2003
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