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When you are injured but can't feel it because you are so drunk.
I sprained my ankle I think, but it's fine I can walk I have a whiskey bandage.
by Gonzo Writer June 02, 2013
When you are outside in the cold without a coat but you are so drunk you feel warm.

Similar to a whiskey bandage
Hey Caitlin aren't you cold out here in just that t-shirt?

Nah I'm good I got a liquor jacket.
by Gonzo Writer November 19, 2013
A vegan who will still eat crabs.
Let's go get crabs! Oh wait I forgot you're vegan.

It's okay I'm a Maryland Vegan
by Gonzo Writer August 28, 2013
A place where white people go to figure out what black people are talking about. Also known as the Blactionary.

Black friend: It's Saturday night . . . Turn Up!!

White Guy: *thinking* Um, I guess that's a thing . . . I'll look it up on Urban Dictionary



Black guy on vine: THOTs be like . . . yadda yadda yadda

White guy: WTF is a "THOT"? I'll go to Urban Dictionary and see if this deserves a revine.
by Gonzo Writer March 31, 2014

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