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The holiday of Passover celebrates the time
when G-D passed of the houses of the Egyptian people
and killed their first born's. It also celebrates
the time when the Jews left Egypt.

On Passover you may not eat bread.
When is Passover?
Where are you going for passover?
by Raphael2222 March 23, 2008
An adjective that describes a potential love interest that you really think you're interested in and would do your best to get with them. After much consideration maybe a few months later you realize they weren't worth the effort of being with them. Thus making them a passover, as you have moved on.
I really like him.
You sure about that?
Yes, I am.
U just think he is a passover guy.
Oh, okay.

Most of the girls you have dated are passover girls.
Yeah, not worth my effort.
by Manette Playzer May 22, 2011
Not to be confused with Passover, the Jewish holiday, this is when you sleep-over a friends house and rather than actually falling asleep, you pass out.
"Hey man, you wanna have a pass-over."
"Hells yes!"
by Swanneh March 30, 2008
Hebrew word for a dinner that features bland food, crappy wine and a boring story told again and again. It conmemorates the events leading up to the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.
Oh man.....gotta go to the in-laws for Passover tonight. FML!
by Le Blank April 18, 2011
When you jerk off on a Jewish girls ears.
Last night I totally Passover on that girl.
by Kmore August 10, 2009
It is when you are fucking a girl when she is on her period. Then you pull your dick out and wipe the blood with your dick on her forehead. Like the passover when the jews put the blood on the door.
Dude last night I did the passover on that chick.

She is so hot, I would passover her.
by NinjaWii December 13, 2008
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