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a genre of music containing artists who are both pop and punk in nature.
I like some punk like the Dead Kennedys and some mini punk like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte.
by gonzo April 10, 2004
1. Search Engine Result Pages. The webpages displayed when you search for something.

2.Search Engine Result Positioning or a pages ranking or placement.

2.State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme

3.a competition to see who climbs up the Google ranking most in a set amount of time or gain the highest Google placement for a given keyword, within a set time period.

4.a Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practise in Sweden.
some say that the serps arnt showing up in there browsers correctly after they search for somthing.

you could join a serps contest to learn about search engine optimization.

As a general guide, Serps will be, at most, 20% of the average earnings on which a person has paid National Insurance contributions over their working life.
by gonzo April 10, 2004
When having anal sex with a female (doggy-style) insert both fingers up her nose and pull her head back. Then punch her in the kidneys so her ass tightens!
Ouch said Jane as her but-ring pinged like a pinball machine
by Gonzo November 12, 2004
Spontaneous orgasm at the sight of a small infant, prominant in young females, teenage girls, and those who havnt gone through pregnancy.
"aww that baby is soo cute let me hold it!"
by Gonzo March 03, 2005
the singular of serps
see serps
I only have one serp
by gonzo April 10, 2004
a shortened form of the word adjictive in some definitions it should read "hard bracket adj hard braket" but urbandictony get's rid of brakets
oops my urban dictonary definition says adj instead of hard bracket n hard braket
by gonzo March 05, 2004
kinda like "purple" but more manly...
Manly pURPLE
my his shirt is a nice shade of murple, but its not gay cause its murple...
by gonzo April 03, 2004

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