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23 definitions by Gonzo

spanish for "really big boobs."
Look at her tetungas!
by gonzo December 13, 2006
1.freak or outcast with a good conotation a person who is a iconoclast but is still cool.

2.possibly backwards in some way twisted or misaligned.

3.beyond catogorization
that goth chick is ylbissop, she may dress funny but I like her.

I can't read this i'm not sure but I think it's ylbissop

theres no place for this it needs to be filed under ylbissop
by gonzo March 05, 2004
1: To be so, so, High...
2: Faded, confused, dazed, mistaken.
3: To be severed from your lower body
1: Damn, dude... I am so chopped- in-half right now.

2: Oh man, I'm sorry; I'm just
so chopped in half right now.
Wow, I'm so chopped-in-half I
don't know where I am.

3: Shit! I just got chopped-in-half!
by Gonzo December 26, 2003
a metro sexual male with white teeth, and an open neck shirt.
Hey supa suga can i hit that ass.
by gonzo June 20, 2004
When having anal sex with a female (doggy-style) insert both fingers up her nose and pull her head back. Then punch her in the kidneys so her ass tightens!
Ouch said Jane as her but-ring pinged like a pinball machine
by Gonzo November 12, 2004
version 2
I made version 1 but it had bugs so i made upgrades for v2.
by gonzo April 10, 2004
A term generally referring to a person of extremly low intelligence, bad hygene and a total disregard for all things not having to do with them.
"Hey Slabadoo get up we got work to do!"
by Gonzo January 08, 2004