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a word used as an adjective. to describe how a penis gets hard during sexual activity.
"OH GOD BEKY!, look at johny's pants...doesn't it look like he's got a stiff?"
by goddess August 17, 2003
happy in her bitchiness and lonely in her own pathetic isolation - - she reaps what she sows.
That girl is such a meanie - she has the justdonna syndrome.
by goddess September 14, 2003
a chocolate cover malt ball. also known as a whopper.
the movie theatre hands out free boxes of wappah's because they are so bad, and no one likes them.
by goddess August 17, 2003
a guy who is a loser. a complete moron who uses people to get what he wants
that guy is so ziggy
by Goddess March 16, 2004
actually manga is a japanese style of drawing usually in comic books
CLAMP writes manga
by goddess December 12, 2002
girls who think they're all that when they're really not; will try to make themselves look pretty to try to get guys' attentions
Marie is nothing but a small fry.
by goddess February 15, 2004
5 terms for Blood

see what it spells
by Goddess December 14, 2003
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