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One who pwns... owner->ownzor->pwnzor->pwnz0r
i r teh l33t pwnz0r!
by Goast February 23, 2003
A cross between a ghost and a goat
Look at that goast! It sure is scary and hairy...
by Goast February 23, 2003
Fo sho is out - sho fo means the same thing, it just sounds cooler. Say it!
"You got da bomb, cu?"
"Sho fo!"
by Goast February 27, 2003
Sunset District Inc/Irish. In the 70/80's a rough group of white boys. 90's and beyond...more myth than reality, but still around.
The Grove. Sunset District Inc/Irish (SDI)
by goast April 15, 2013
The state of being toast.
He returned from his state of toastness, and is now back to his regular life.
by Goast February 27, 2003
All business in the front, and a party in the back
"Hundreds of 3 year old girls were raped by large men in tank tops with mullets."
by Goast February 23, 2003
An adjective that I find easiest to use when I'm high. Laid back, easy-going, cool.
I feel hella chill right now... lets smoke another blunt.
by Goast February 27, 2003

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