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i feel horny
turn me on
by Giselle May 27, 2004
maya's and michelle's pathetic attempt at spelling out panties
wuiinch took off michelle's onbatniesas on jupiter
by giselle March 26, 2005
every grls fanta-c
if hes not, well dats 2 bad bcuz hez da FINEST light skin nigga w/ dat culry hair 'n full curvy lips da u'll eva c
by Giselle January 19, 2004
n. A person who is sexually attracted to plump, chubby or obese people.
C. "Ohmigod, Darrell is, like, a total fat lover."
J. "How come?"
C. "He's dating that lard ass Beth!"
by Giselle May 08, 2005
Someone who is mixed with black and Korean.
Amerie and Tomkia Skanes are both blackorean.
by Giselle February 14, 2005
Irritating pest who always wants something from you. From the expression "you're scorching my balls"
That scorch keeps calling me every half hour.
by Giselle May 20, 2005
An ugly old people sweater. The kind that my grandpa might wear.
I was horrified when katie pointed out what chris was wearing. It was an ugly grandpa sweater. We gasped in horror and then pity,that he was let out of the house dressed like that.
by Giselle April 14, 2004

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