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Alcohol which is specifically targetted at the homosexual community, women and kids. "Alcopops"
"What they got to drink?"
"Just some stupid poof juice. Goddamn amateurs"
by Ginga Ninja June 17, 2004
The police. Plural or singular.
"Let's keep a low profile in case any John Q Laws come snooping"
"Holy shit, it's John Q Law! Run!"
by Ginga Ninja June 17, 2004
The dumb way to say 'cool' Often used by web users who use other words like haxxor and 1337.
Aww man that was so kewel! I am a 1337 haxxor!
by Ginga ninja September 20, 2003
Someone who is stupid and appears to seek out jeering in insults with the sheer volume of stupidity that comes from his/her mouth
"Please tell that Jeer whore to shut the fuck up!"
by Ginga Ninja June 16, 2004
Originated from the famous history teacher, Mr Ossowski. To act like, or talk like a bampot in the school or workplace.
"I believe there is bampottery in this classroom, enemies will be fired out and punishment excerices WILL BE AWARDED!" - Mr O
by Ginga Ninja June 16, 2004
1. A popular old skool kids series.
2. Part of a phrase used when someone is trying to get into a fight with someone, or when someone believes they can do martial arts when they most obviously can't e.g the karate kid
1. Whoah, dude teenage mutant hero turtles is on, it rocks, I haven't seen it since I was a kid!
2. What the fuck are you doing, this isn't Teenage mutant hero turtles you know!
by Ginga ninja September 20, 2003
1. A funny anecdote or statement
2. Someone who is a complete failure
1. Hah hah, I always do like a good joke! Tell the one about the nun and the rhino!
2. Shut up you joke.
by Ginga ninja September 20, 2003
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