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Glaswegian word for a "Headcase"
Away ye go ya "Bampot" ye!
by Michael Steel September 24, 2003
Scottish term for a stupid person.
Ho, you! Ye bam pot!!
#bam #pot #scot #bampot #bampott
by Blinkey99 October 05, 2006
A Scots word referring to a clumsy idiot.
Aye, yi wee bampot, wan fuck!
#bam #pot #bampot #idiot #clumsy #scots #language #leid
by Hanii Puppy January 22, 2010
A Scottish term meaning 'hooligan' or 'trouble-maker'.

Other descriptions here mention 'stupid person' or 'clumsy idiot'. I wouldn't use bampot in either of those senses but, instead, go for 'fanny' and 'pleb' respectively.
Mind yersel aroond him, he's a pure bampot.

Whit ur ye dain ya bampot? Pit the hawf brick doon!
by Stalkerro March 27, 2016
A fierce looking scottish guy called Alex.
"Och aye ya wee toaley-headed bampot ye, ..... och!"
by caz November 18, 2003
a scottish word used by a person usually of the computer profession specializing in information systems to express his/her feelings towards a pupil.
Teacher: Pupil why are you on games?
Pupil: I fell...
Teacher: Sit over there You bampot!
#bampot #information-systems #teacher #pupil #bam pot #ciaran #grant
by mCiaran egan-Wylie November 13, 2008
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