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A jerking queer. Someone who jerks so much that it's all they talk about and do. They feel the need to sag their skinny jeans all day, yell out nigga frequently, make videos of their repetitive dance style and be loud. In general, someone who jerks too much.
"What the hell!? This freaking jeer keeps talking so loud, it's hurting my head."
by J.1 May 12, 2010
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(noun/adjective) orig. cant

1. One's anus; or
2. The act of urburdening one's bowels.
1. If that prostitute looks at me again I swear it'll get telt ti haa mi jeer; or

2. God blessis the gadgie got oot the motor and lows mi faither it was at least 7'6" the plumb wis fleein fae mi jeer.
by Doonibingowithescaldies March 17, 2014
Shortened version of the term Jeer whore. See Jeer whore.
"You fucking jeer"
by Ginga Ninja June 17, 2004

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