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A British word, usually used by " the lads" to define someone who is
1. a bit of a ladies man
2. the soul of the party
It can also be used in sarcastic terms to define someone who is the complete opposite such as a bald, old wrinkled geezer.
" Im a total shagger! Poked a wifie in the pisher and got a blowie fae another!"
" Check out that old yin, wit a shagger! ha ha!"
by Ginga February 23, 2005
someone who is a true G and likes the odd donna kebab but more the older woman
crum - part of the gunit
by Ginga April 11, 2005
Beer swilling monster that goes berserk when the red mist descends.
I'm gonna do a papa jed !
by Ginga March 29, 2004
A really good lookin or well kept car or "motor"/ scottish slang
"Thats a pure brief man"
"look at the speed of that brief"
by Ginga May 09, 2003
Used to describe a female that is particularly hot.
Instead of saying " Id shag her"
Simply exclaim "Wid!"
The louder its said so that the female in question hears you, also adds points for bravery, or sheer sleazyness.
Again, this can also be used sarcasticaly, in relation to a mingin old woman, or a munter of a female/male.
" Check out the wifie at the bar...WID!"
" Wit a shagger! WID! WID! WID!"
by Ginga February 23, 2005

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