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n. slang for the testicular region, particularly when said region is struck violently.
He took one in the Texas Pistachio Wagon.
by gert January 03, 2006
What one does in a tanning booth,
a cancer causing agent
I have to go fakenbake, I will call you back.
by Gert November 25, 2003
n. a promiscuous female, especially one who has sexual congress with superiors in order to secure advancement in her career.
Kevin Spacey: Dawn here, she used to be quite the little fuck-towel. Film school grad who fucked her way to top assistant. Fucked her way to junior executive and then fucked her way to VP. It was quite a rise.
by gert January 03, 2006
something you usually do when you are drunk or in rare cases gymnastic activity

often used in conjunction with fucktards
Did you see those fucktards over there faceplant?
by Gert November 25, 2003
a part of my ancesteh that comes from the word 'cripplime'
by gert July 30, 2003

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