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An act involving oral sex after anal intercourse.
Just think of the 'Chili Dog' as a sexual position...
by George March 09, 2004
A man that acts gay, but it is not. He just hangs out with many women.
"was up girlie man, where are your girlfriends?"
by george December 11, 2003
Tongue in bum, simple
May need a little pre work to get happening
I tibbed you mama all night long!
Now everything tastes like poopie
by George November 23, 2004
the acronym pimp standing for "Put It In My Pocket". Later used to define a person who sells women for sexual favors. Most recently used to commend objects or people.
1. "If you really need to get laid just go see the local pimp."

2. "Look at that car it is pimp."
by George January 06, 2005
Originally "Docs Management" - known in the IT field as "Docs Mangler". Application designed to share and store documents that does nothing but screw up the computer and irritate users.
"My DM crashed and I can't get into my documents."

"DM lost my default profile."

"I saved a document into DM and all my changes are gone!"

"If you guys don't uninstall this F*#ing piece of Shizzle DM I'm gonna fricking kill someone!"

Sometimes used as a derogatory verb:

"Damn my PC just DM'ed!!!!"
by George August 14, 2003
Stupid...passe. Obnoxious...EXTREMELY lame, tacky, pathetic etc.

The homework assignment was so lameosexual I threw up a little in my mouth
by George February 28, 2005
A term originating fromm burt and ernie from sesamee street, refering to a gay male.
that guy is such a burt.
by george January 20, 2005

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