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Any girl (specially a lolli) that is sexually desirable and has high enough quality to cause (or force) her fall onto a bed.
Person 1 : Hey dood did you just see that lolli walking down the street?

Person 2: Yeah I didn't really like her face but that shit is totally Pomfable
by Gennosuke March 11, 2011
Card Crusher (A.K.A Rude Dude, ZoomJap, rude asian, rudeazn) is that cool dude you have probably seen on youtube who teaches how to crush a business card, how to lick a girl's photo and other great things.
He's quite popular on /a/ and /jp/ where is usual to find edits to replace the template with whatever anime, manga or situation in Ps or similar.
Guy 1: Did you see that? reminds me of card crusher...
Guy 2: He crushed your ticket!!
You: Oh no... :despair:
by Gennosuke April 14, 2011
mpw is an acronym standing for the term "My Penis When" randomly used in some imageboards and irc channels, it shows a way to express yourself when your penis get shocked, impressed or in someway amused by any image, news or comments.
anon1: hey look another incredibly fappable moe-moe animu this season!!
anon2: >>mpw
by Gennosuke September 30, 2011

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