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Any girl (specially a lolli) that is sexually desirable and has high enough quality to cause (or force) her fall onto a bed.
Person 1 : Hey dood did you just see that lolli walking down the street?

Person 2: Yeah I didn't really like her face but that shit is totally Pomfable
#pomf #lolli #pr0n #church of pr0n #ponf #bed #doujin #bed sounds #fap
by Gennosuke March 11, 2011
Card Crusher (A.K.A Rude Dude, ZoomJap, rude asian, rudeazn) is that cool dude you have probably seen on youtube who teaches how to crush a business card, how to lick a girl's photo and other great things.
He's quite popular on /a/ and /jp/ where is usual to find edits to replace the template with whatever anime, manga or situation in Ps or similar.
Guy 1: Did you see that? reminds me of card crusher...
Guy 2: He crushed your ticket!!
You: Oh no... :despair:
#card #cardcrusher #moonspeak #prof moonrune #prof moonjap
by Gennosuke April 14, 2011
mpw is an acronym standing for the term "My Penis When" randomly used in some imageboards and irc channels, it shows a way to express yourself when your penis get shocked, impressed or in someway amused by any image, news or comments.
anon1: hey look another incredibly fappable moe-moe animu this season!!
anon2: >>mpw
#mpw #penis #mfw #yfw #when #my face
by Gennosuke September 30, 2011
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