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A damn prick that has now fuckin idea with whom he's messing with. aka shithead or sometimes called pussy formerly also known as dork.
Rude Dude: Dude I'm rude, Swiss folks are losers.
Genius: Get a brain dude and stop judging people u don't have a fuckin idea of. PS: Go eat shit.
by Stiffmeister January 11, 2005
38 16
A person who is extremely rude to everyone and anyone. Usually starts a fight for no reason with that would cause serious harm to him before being bailed out by a friend. Usually possesing a hooked nose. Also known as pussy, vagina, waste of space.
That egghead is such a rude dude i want to smash his hooked nose into pieces.
by The Great Monty July 28, 2009
7 7