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Shortened version of Lolita or lolicon which is Japanese anime/art depicting most often a young girl or preteen. The word lolicon is the synergy of 'Lolita' (see also, book by Nabakov) and the psychological word 'Complex.' <Alternative: Could be a play on the word lollipop...>
The lolli that the anime artist drew was flat-chested and big-eyed and tiny and in her panties.
by SweetPete of San Diego May 17, 2007
proper noun- name. Loosely translated to she who is more beautiful than words can describe. She is awesome, a great kisser and too good for all of the smucks that approach her.
Yeah I was nearly knocked down by Lolli's beauty.
by bellz4ever January 24, 2011
bitch whipped kids, ussally by the mother who is over protective and love to whip their little asses into shape
those lolli's r bitch whipped
by steve mea August 25, 2006
Lolli: slang; The quality of being translucent, usually jelly-like in appearance and and pink or peachy pink. can be applied to any part of the body that one considers attractive.
"Love your lolli lips. They're so sexy!"
"Ter tits are so nice and lolli, I just want to suck on them"
by Tillatems May 18, 2010
Same as penis, cock, dick.
Used to be kinky.
Go suck ona lolli.
He wanks the hell out of his lolli.
Let me suck on ya lolli.
by Gabi February 15, 2005
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