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7 definitions by GeeBird

A hetrosexual female that has watched too many episodes of the L-Word. Unwilling to explore in the outside world her true sexuallity, but comes off as an expert on lesbianism and it's advantages. Everything she knows about being a lesbian, she read in "On Our Backs". Has never been to a gay bar. Could not even think of cutting her nails, hair or carpet. Owns hundreds of dollars of lipstick and make up, but only has spent $4.99 on sex toys. Would KILL her husband if he ever suggested a meneges-a-trois. Trys to make all of the gay men she meets her friend.
She's not Bi or a Lesbian, she's a lazybian.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
Vomit, undigest your meal.
Pull over, I think he's going to uneat his breakfast.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007
Testicles of the human male.
He kicked him right in his man marbles.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007
One who prefers anal intercourse.
Don't drop the soap, I heard he has a trailer wailer.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
Pissed of. Irked. To be irritated beyond belief. Shocked.
She really gores my ox. Well, if that doesn't gore her ox, I don't know what will.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
An exclaimation of suprise or shock. Term of dismay.
When the IRS fined him $300 for under-reporting $3.45, he exclaimed, "Well fuck me in the heart!".
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
Briefs, cod piece, underwear, boxers, shorts.
Femme. panties, undies, g-string, manhole cover.
The taliban leader dropped to his nees and pulled out the Bin Laden tablecloth and munched like a starving dog.

The mentally challanged terrorist crapped his Bin Laden tablecloth.

The eager hezbollah leader received a severe fabric burn on his chin from the many Bin Laden tablecloth's he had come in contact with that morning.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007