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7 definitions by GeeBird

A hetrosexual female that has watched too many episodes of the L-Word. Unwilling to explore in the outside world her true sexuallity, but comes off as an expert on lesbianism and it's advantages. Everything she knows about being a lesbian, she read in "On Our Backs". Has never been to a gay bar. Could not even think of cutting her nails, hair or carpet. Owns hundreds of dollars of lipstick and make up, but only has spent $4.99 on sex toys. Would KILL her husband if he ever suggested a meneges-a-trois. Trys to make all of the gay men she meets her friend.
She's not Bi or a Lesbian, she's a lazybian.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
14 1
Vomit, undigest your meal.
Pull over, I think he's going to uneat his breakfast.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007
6 0
Testicles of the human male.
He kicked him right in his man marbles.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007
3 0
One who prefers anal intercourse.
Don't drop the soap, I heard he has a trailer wailer.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
4 1
Pissed of. Irked. To be irritated beyond belief. Shocked.
She really gores my ox. Well, if that doesn't gore her ox, I don't know what will.
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
7 4
An exclaimation of suprise or shock. Term of dismay.
When the IRS fined him $300 for under-reporting $3.45, he exclaimed, "Well fuck me in the heart!".
by GeeBird January 23, 2007
4 10
Briefs, cod piece, underwear, boxers, shorts.
Femme. panties, undies, g-string, manhole cover.
The taliban leader dropped to his nees and pulled out the Bin Laden tablecloth and munched like a starving dog.

The mentally challanged terrorist crapped his Bin Laden tablecloth.

The eager hezbollah leader received a severe fabric burn on his chin from the many Bin Laden tablecloth's he had come in contact with that morning.
by GeeBird January 24, 2007
1 14