67 definitions by Gavin

pikey with 20 odd pence more than white cider pikey
-'mothers joined the brew crew'
-'snobby cunt'
by gavin September 14, 2003
Someone who can kick your ass on Pipeline, especially when you're on the Defence team.

A freethinker. See also deist.
That AREA7-iNFiDEL, he sure can sock it to ya in main entrance.
by Gavin February 23, 2005
person with a learning disability and special needs who gets paraded around town in a big blue bus, funded by social services.
:are there any triggers for your epilepsy?
:when i'm licking windows.
by gavin September 27, 2003
pikey sounds used to annoy the upper-middle classes
we had a 20k rig, dog fighting an' all on that cunts farm.
by gavin September 14, 2003
to be in a group of vin's
What are the vin's doing tonight?
by Gavin March 14, 2003
the idea that out of nine people one of them will be a jackass
Well, there's one asinine.
by Gavin September 08, 2004
coloniser of a shit hole
:the English are wankers
:At least they're not colonised by wankers
by gavin September 27, 2003

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