67 definitions by Gavin

the idea that out of nine people one of them will be a jackass
Well, there's one asinine.
by Gavin September 08, 2004
coloniser of a shit hole
:the English are wankers
:At least they're not colonised by wankers
by gavin September 27, 2003
haraam sala - fucking idiot
by gavin October 21, 2003
someone who makes yoghurt and weaves baskets.
also pacifistic pikey
tends to dwell in Totnes
typical statement: do you want to see my bag of information?
by gavin September 14, 2003
dirty manky whore with juicy big flaps hanging down to her knees with puss on them
look at that fly blown manky white trash whore bag GUTTER SLUT
by Gavin August 07, 2004
over priced gay brothel. payed for on a 'term' basis rather than each sexual act
:i have at least 20 rent boys a night, the costs are too high.
:have you thought about public school?
by gavin September 27, 2003
JorDann. A douche bag with no nuts.
Look at that qurr Jordann.
by Gavin November 01, 2004

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