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The best rapper walking out there! Banks says: "It's a damn shame ya'll still local, I'm in million dollar studio laying my vocals!"
by gangster October 28, 2003
a guy who uses two towels, one for his tits and one for bottom half.
Randy is the twotowels of this world.
by gangster November 14, 2003
The fatest, smelliest, ugliest, dirtiest piece of shit. He is the biggest and fatest piece of shit in the fucking world. Most of the O-zone destruction is caused by the odor and smell his fat ass lets off. He is a cunt whore asshole.
Wow, Look, Bolino is blocking the sun again.
by gangster February 25, 2003
A BattyMatty is a curious creature, mostly land dwelling, but known to be attracted towards bright disco lights, where he will 'Shake Wiggle Wiggle' until forced to leave.

There is only one identified species of BattyMatty, and to date, no females have been identified. They are presumed to be shy.

BattyMatty's often appear to possess Cherub like qualities, which act as a sort of camouflage to lure unsuspecting females to the seedy BattyMatty way of life. From time to time, BattyMatty's will persuade a female to dress like a schoolgirl, and rumour has it, the schoolgirl is often 'naughty'.

Despite their outgoing nature when music is playing and lights are flickering, in daylight, BattyMatty's prefer to remain withdrawn, often seeking refuge behind a PC monitor where humans cannot see them from their allocated seating positions, and instead are forced resort to speculating about their movements. There have been unsubstantiated claims that between the hours of 12-2pm they like to eat a rabbit food like mixture of lettuce and such like, occasionally sprinkling in broken Wheeties to create a cruton like effect.

While this 'cruton-creation' may at first appear a stroke of genius, this is not a claim often aimed at the BattyMatty's, who often send incoherent emails, and are incapable of providing details when completing an 'Accident Report Phase 2 - Follow Up' Document. They are also unable to spell. At all.

Despite these shortcomings, the BattyMatty's merily trot through life, with a spring in their step, and newly toned biceps, due to a pleasant outlook on life which leaves them safe in the knowledge that their existence is beneficial to the office eco-system in which they habitually reside.
BattyMatty's - We salute you.
'Awww, aint he lovely, what a BattyMatty'

'Its nice at my work, we've got a BattyMatty'

'For Gawds sake, why cant BattyMatty spell!'

'BattyMatty, this email makes as much sense as a drunken chinese man speaking Arabic'

'BattyMatty - you've gotta leave the club now, yes you can shake ya thing in the taxi'

'I love our BattyMatty, but Gareth's better'
by gangster January 12, 2005
a thin penis
David Cox
by Gangster January 20, 2003
Thats junk in the trunk. It when u put your hood up and u saddle up and ride. Dave chappelle refers to this phrase when explaining a "ghetto booty". A ghetto booty is the massive ass on a black women that gives u more cushion for the pushing during sexual intercourse.
Damn, that bitch's ba-donka-donk could smush a nigga in the bed.
by gangster March 13, 2005
A fag.
fucks guys up the ass
by GANGSTER July 29, 2003

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