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The trashy no talent music, a la Metallica or Slipknot, that dumbshit teenagers listen to in Hot Topic. A fairly new definition, as PopMetal is just starting to grate on most sane peoples nerves. These are children that pretend to rebel by maintaining a status quo. The more you look like your friend, the more you are being an individual.

Mall Metal people tend to listen to whatever is popular on the radio or at various mall stores. They can often be identified by their moronic Dog Collars and trendy tattoos and clothing.
God, all these mall metal kids make me want to vomit...

Fuck-Shit-Metallica! Fuckin' Mall Metal Brat...
by GameJunkieJim July 16, 2004
Meaning literally 'Seize the pussy' Possibly an anachronistic term having to do with the magistrates in Britain in the middle ages and the rampant alley cat problem. It has evolved into more mundane use.
Yeah Mike - headin' to the beach - you know "Carpe' Puswah"!!!
by GameJunkieJim June 10, 2004

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