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v. to insist on and succeed in obtaining for free something which though still inexpensive, used to be free, like tire air at the gas stations in Florida.
Tayana be kewl nows, dun aircopped a plug from sum b*tch in da chickcrapper, 'steada feedin good coin to da dam box in dere.
by Galcoolest February 28, 2005
Protecting your space by pretending to be talking on your cell phone. See also cellular faux and phonyphone.
A mom to another one: How did we survive when we were in high school and some creepy guy was on his way over while you were by your locker and couldn't run anywhere, and no one else at all was around?? The kids today are cellshielding constantly, not even conscious of it at all.
by galcoolest July 30, 2005
n. insulting nickname for someone who has a goofy name or nickname. origin: Dweezel Zappa, Frank's ridiculously named kid
Yo Pierpont! Yeah, you, dweezel! Where 'd you cop that pod anyway?
by galcoolest June 24, 2005
n. the act of seeking stray bits of cocaine on a tile floor - similar to carpet farming

var.: tile troll n. one who is known to get down on all fours seeking stray bits of cocaine on a tile floor.

v. tile troll- to perform the act known as tile trolling, as done by a tile troll
Dat Yusef be sicka den all gets go- he still be pickin thruz dat dam cat litta spilt on dat lin-o-lee-um flo--hopins he gonna sco sumthin- dam foo. Dam ass foo!
by galcoolest March 17, 2005
v. Looking for a place to stay overnight or for a few a days. syn. couch surfing, seeking a mattress match.
Ya'll gotta word up fo Slim, he be wit zip comfie fo 2 now, an hella doordrummin' hees ass wit nuttin shakin' on down, po bro....
by galcoolest March 11, 2005
adj. to be dressed up nicely, as for church, a wedding, or the like.

v. to force another to dress up nicely.

adv. to be forced by another to dress up nicely.

archaic alt. def: adj. to have one's hair looking unusually tidy and styled: originates from the crisp look resulting from ironing one's hair.
He be lookin' ironized fo sho jes now.

Dang, his ole lady dun ironized that homeboy fo the hookup with her rents.

Hooter dun been too ironized, po dude.
by Galcoolest February 27, 2005
adj. used to describe anything that is especially comfortable. Origin: the coziness of down comforters, or the comfort of a down coat.
Yeah, I just got these sweats at Target, and I swear,man, they be the total feathers.
by galcoolest July 09, 2005

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