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n. a person who works in the lowest ranks of a a floor cleaning or refinishing business.
Henny be sho da manjer boss is boltin' an he up for mo griss dan jes foo tiletuning she-it alla dam day.
by galcoolest March 10, 2005
adj. old news, passe, not cool.

antiq. v. finished doing something
Moesha so lame she dun git hursself a hella dundidit Ice-T disc yesserday, no foolin' bro.
by galcoolest March 09, 2005
n. an admonishment or scolding from your father (or -- whoever's the boss man of your house) which is delivered in front of another family member(s), usually the boss woman of the house, to make it seem like you are being properly disciplined for bad behavior, but in reality the dressing down is for show, and you know the one scolding is on your side, has no issue with your actions, and is just pretending to be righteous to appease the other family member. To be distinguished from a pappyslam, which is a show of genuine anger and/or disgust. pappyslam
v. to scold a youth still under one's watch without seriousness in fact, but to satisfy the demands of another authoritative family member.
Tyrone say his pop dun pappyslapped his hiney durin' suppa for haulin' off on Zeke like dat - so's ta git his mama ta lay offa his butt boutit. Ole man tole Ty bee-fo den dat dat pussy sucka haddit cumin' fo reel, strate up.
by galcoolest March 09, 2005
adj. or noun

a person who is, or to be, very open-minded, non-judgmental and trustworthy-- especially with regards to reefer use
No worries bro, Stymie is way mistamarley on the tokes deal even tho's he doan smokes hisself.
by galcoolest July 16, 2005
the state of being in big trouble without excuses left

adj. (-ed)
in big trouble without excuse
Jacki was a mash after Kee walked in on her and Herm.

Gigi knew she was a mashed gal when the cop pulled her over.
by galcoolest July 16, 2005
v. working hard at anything requiring concentration, especially something you hate or have very little knowledge about
Yeah, Terence be bustinbrains on that friggin his'try 'signment t'nite.
by galcoolest June 24, 2005
see pappyslap, its twin, and pappyslam its opposite
I keepsa trying to gentle like get this duplication 86ed-oh wells....
by galcoolest March 18, 2005

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