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see also cellshielding and phonyphone
I don't care what you call it, my Ricky's starting to really think he's got some close friends like that.
by galcoolest July 30, 2005
n. a person who has become a homeowner, especially in a suburban area.
No foolin, bro, Jamal dun git tha mo-gige 'leeve it or na- an he's a dam swingsetter fo ree ow by sevenny fi, kickin hows, too, bro.
by galcoolest March 13, 2005
v. to sincerely admire something
n. a person who has achieved a dignified level in some enterprise.
Urgay be hella da preesee-ate at Mo's cussa rite-y-us narcin' ow da foo theevan Twanon yesseray.
by galcoolest March 10, 2005
Cop, patrolman, trooper, policeman.

Most such authorities sport buzz cut hair;
Rick from "Ranger Rick" fame.

aka RazorRat and RazorRot.
Yo bro, dat razorrick dun tail my ass fo full-on 2 hops on da dang I-eight-0!
by Galcoolest February 25, 2005
an expression used to euphemistically describe sexual activity-- of any sort

when a guy says it to a girl, it's meant to sound cute, sweet and boyishly charming--and when he uses the term in front of his guy friends it means he really likes the gal he's discussing and won't even use crass talk about sex with her

girls don't use the term with each other except jokingly, as if were so stuuupid to say that, but whatever, it's cute, and they know if a guy's using it he's at least trying to be suave
"hey c'mon Tymara, can't we pleese just go an pet the pony fos a leetle while? pleese? the pony been alone today, he miss you sooooo bad..."

"Yeah bro, we ates sum her mama's kickin chickin, an den we wenna her room to pet the pony, youz knows how it be... s'all good wit Janilla, yeaah, uh-uh. Got you a five spot on ya? I needs smokes and a Dew hella bad, man."
by galcoolest March 18, 2005
see syn. stumfrizzle
n., v., adj. relating to overexposure to stumbizzling stumbizzle
Henny be way stumfrazzled, ya hear, and jes be crashin' say Kenika.
by Galcoolest February 28, 2005
Syn. stumfrazzle

n. One who is caught up so much on any day with stumbizzling that it results in family members' irate complaints and being told to "get off dat puter NOW, ya hear?"
v. to stumbizzle for longer than is normally tolerated by family in one's environment.
adj. stumfrizzled: dreamy, contented, but kind of exhausted state of one who has stumbizzled for a long time without interruption.
Yo, Lenny be stumfrizzled t'nite. He ain't gamin to fly.

Ayisha be po'ed cus Dexxie stumfrizzled on her, yo.

Bro, get on it, bro! Youz be stumfrizzled bad or sumthin'?
by Galcoolest February 27, 2005
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