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beautiful girl in arabic. Kind sweet gentle person. Person who cares for people and not a snob.Always tries to make peace. A good person in general.
Anthony: Im glad i have a Jamila
Dakota:that girl jamila is such a nice person.
Kyle: I like Jamila, Jamia is yummy yummy yummy yummy
by hahaha:p August 26, 2008
A kind hearted sweet and gentle person. A person that would go the distance to keep friends happy. Loving, Honest, loyal, thoughtful, ordinarily unique and adorkable person... Beautiful girl!
Mike: What can I say, she's Jamila.. Adorkable!
Dan: I wish i had a Jamila...
by HoHoCakes November 25, 2010
Beautiful girl, Inside and Out, pretty, Witty, girly Worldly, Loves to party and come home early, Only if you worthy.. Cook her ass off and her walk is mean...she a lady at all times in the streets, But behind the innocent blushing cheeks she is a Super Freak who loves to please and try new things... Fashion and Art Addict, love all things creative,travel, exploring different cultures! Most of all if you can make her laugh she is forever yours!
Jamila is amazing!
by Lourdes86 November 15, 2013
Jeon Jungkook's wife, they go together like peanut butter and jam.
JIMIN: "Yah look at Jamila stealing Jungkook away from me!"
by jamkook November 25, 2015
A.A girl who is so close to being perfect!
B.A hoe that has long Hair
A.Look at that Jamila over ther....wait that is her.
B. Man that jamila got some long hair. Lets jump that hoe
by Any-Mouse February 23, 2008
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