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To get so pissed off, you completely lose it.
When I told him I wrecked his car, he fuckin' hulked out.
by gadget October 04, 2003
A traditional cheer from the 18th C.
Three cheers for the Capt.
"Huzzar, Huzzar, Huzzar"
by Gadget March 09, 2004
To leave a turd in the bowl without flushing.
Before I depart from this fine establishment, I would like to leave a token of my appreciation. Where's the can?
by gadget October 11, 2003
Some one who regularly does stupid things. Synonym for a spastic.
Stop being such a scoper
by Gadget February 17, 2004
The noise your penis makes when withdrawn from the Vagina after a good Session.
Is usually followed by a release of air sometimes even a light fart.
"Pass the tissue"
THLOCK!!!!(As knob is pulled out)
by Gadget August 22, 2004
To say the word boy in a threatening manner.
You betta back up bwa, I'm bout to bust you in yo shit!
by gadget October 11, 2003
The hot shit. Something that is extremely dope.
yo, son. that sheeit is the muthafuckin' swiz.
by gadget October 04, 2003

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