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4 definitions by GRATZD

The intense pleasure that can only be delivered by Al Gore.
Have you ever had a "Goregasm"?
by GRATZD February 01, 2011
Pronounced "snot" it, in fact, does NOT refer to nasal ejaculations, It is merely a conjunction of the words "is" and "not". Used to save time and space. OPTIONAL: "its" may replace "is" if the time is right or during an emergency.
Marshall: "Kim, 'snot gonna work out"
Kim: "Wow wait till my friends hear this 'snot gonna happen."
by GRATZD January 31, 2011
Game-host who is invisible (doesn't play)
I got a bone to pick with the host! Where is he I need to talk to him!
you can't he's a g-host
by GRATZD February 01, 2011
Similar to the "wet dream", or nocturnal emission, the "snoregasm" is a mid-nights occurrence that causes THE magnacarta of pleasurable feelings. *NOTE* she might be faking.
Mike: "I think Kathy might have faked it."
Ned: "What makes you think that?"
Mike: "She was asleep."
Ned: "So you think she had a snoregasm?"
Mike: "What?"
by GRATZD February 01, 2011